Six diaspora investors accuse city lawyer of swindling them Sh1.8M

However, Isolina Kinyua of Isolina Kinyua & Advocate has denied the allegations

In Summary
  • Most of the Royal Women Investment Company members reside in Europe
  • They accuse the lawyer of forgery 
Grass seed farm.
Grass seed farm.

A group of diaspora investors want the Law Society of Kenya take action on a city lawyer for allegedly swindling them Sh1.8 million in a forged land sale.  

Royal Women Investment Company, consisting of seven investors based in Europe contracted Isolina  Kinyua of Isolina Kinyua & Advocate to register the company, and help them buy a land in Kajiado. 

According to a statement and sales documents seen by the Star, after identifying and verifying the  land, the lawyer informed her clients  the owner was selling three acres instead of two acres we initially interested in.

Therefore, we decided to buy all the  three acres but started with the two acres. 

The investors asked the lawyer to do due diligence and sent her a total of Sh3.6 million for the two acres. And we were informed the other 1 acre was sold at 1.8 Million. 

 ''One of us who is based in Kenya voluntarily agreed to accompany the lawyer to view the land. Those of us abroad agreed to raise the funds to purchase and subdivide the land,'' the aggrieved investors said.

They  raised Sh900, 000 and a Sh700, 000 loan from Rafiki Microfinance Bank, which was  sent to Isolina’s bank account .

In the land agreement drafted by the seller Francis Ndun’gu Mwangi and Isolina Kinyua & Advocate on behalf of the buyers for the land number KD/Kipeto/13654 on November 11, 2019, it was agreed that a balance of Sh2 million was to be paid upon complete of the 2 acre land transfer.  

The balance was also forwarded to the lawyer’s account to compete the land ownership. After the purchase, the lawyer informed investors the seller was willing to surrender the remaining acre piece land for Sh1.8 million. 

The four investors quickly mobilized the funds and sent to their lawyer who allegedly forged a new land sale agreement.  

Unknown to the investors, the seller was actually giving out the three acre piece of land for Sh5.4 million and not two acres as indicated by the lawyer.  

''All went well until one of investors us decided to start developing her land. Issues started arising, we became confused when talking to our lawyer all she demanded was money and more money,'' they said in a statement.

Cumulatively , at least  Sh5.4 million was sent  to Isolina for a piece of land that was going for a total of Sh3.6 million.

''We feel cheated by a professional who unfortunately continues to go about duties,’’ the investors said. 

However, speaking to the Star on phone, the lawyer denied all allegations against her, saying that the matter under is under investigation. 

''Yes, it is true that I acted  for  them but all the accusations are not true. I can’t go into the details of the case since it is still under investigation. Directors of Royal Women Investment Company are bullying me,''Isolina said.  

Even so, the investors insists that there is  no investigation going on at the moment. Those investors are needed to physically present themselves at Kajiado DCI office for the case to proceed.

They have appealed to LSK to look into the lawyers conduct, saying her acts are in breach of professional ethics. 

‘’We trusted and paid her well. It is unfortunate that she chose to cause pain to us. We work so hard abroad, hoping for a better retirement back home. All that has been washed down the drain,’’ the investors said.