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All the Google products are built with strong security protections

In Summary

•Google’s built-in automatic security protections enables users’ privacy making them feel safer online.

•For Android users, the Google protect will automatically protect you and your device from potentially harmful apps.

The Google app logo.
The Google app logo.
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Since October was the Cybersecurity awareness month, Google decided to create awareness of cybersecurity and provide tips and ways one can stay safe online.

All the Google products are built with strong security protections at their core to automatically protect one from a wide range of security threats.

Google’s built-in automatic security protections enable users’ privacy making them feel safer online.

With the insights, they gain from serving billions of people around the world they detect and automatically block security threats from reaching users every day.

The password manager on Google makes it a lot easier to use unique and strong passwords for your accounts reducing the security risk involved with using the same passwords across multiple accounts.

Making sure can feel safe online can be difficult and Google has the following steps to keep your online accounts safe online. One of the steps is the use of unique and strong passwords.

It is important to make sure that your passwords are unique to each account that you use and that they are at least eight characters long and the longer your password, the stronger it is.

Another step is to keep your software up-to-date. To protect yourself from security vulnerabilities always use up-to-date software across your web browser, desktop and mobile operating systems, plugins and document editors.

When you receive notifications to update your software you should do so as soon as possible.

Protecting your mobile devices is another step. In case your phone is ever lost or stolen you can remotely locate it or lock your Android or iOS device by selecting and selecting ‘’Find Your Phone’’.

For Android users, Google protect will automatically protect you and your device from potentially harmful apps by regularly scanning the apps on your devices.

Learning how to avoid phishing attempts is another way of securing yourself from cyberattacks. Phishing is a common technique hackers use to trick people into granting access to their accounts or sensitive information. It is important for one to stay vigilant and be wary of requests for personal information.

It is better to go directly to the website or app to log in to your account. You can set your security key as another step of protecting your device and online accounts. A security key is a physical device that inserts into the USB port of your computer or connects to your mobile device using Bluetooth.

Security keys are the most secure form of 2-Step verification. This Security Key can also be used with a number of other online services including some financial institutions or social media accounts.

It only takes a few minutes to set up a Security Key on your Google Account.

With these steps, you will be able to keep your online accounts and your device safe from online attacks.