Apps to keep children occupied

Apart from learning, they can play

In Summary

•During this Covid-19 period, the online space has made room for them to play games with their friends without physically meeting.

Girl on phone./FILE
Girl on phone./FILE

During this period, our children are glued to their laptops, phones and tablets learning online but after learning, they can play games.

Since they cannot go out and play physically with their friends, the online space has made room for them to play games with their friends without physically meeting.

Mario Kart Tour is one of the games that is played through your smartphone that is filled with a lot of fun.

It resembles the Mario kart played on Play Stations and Nintendo Switch but has slightly different graphics and will hear familiar tunes as you race.

The biggest change in the gameplay is that the entire experience is controlled via touch.

After downloading the game, you will need to create a Nintendo account and play a few games on your own and once the first level is cleared, the ‘friends’ icon will appear.

It will occur when you tap on the menu button on the bottom of the home screen.

After selecting the 'add friend' option, you will be able to enter your friend’s Player ID or Nintendo account into the empty field and challenge them to a match.

Monopoly is another game that has shifted from the boards to the screen in the latest mobile release.

This is a game about property management. With this brand-new app, it has become a 3D animated game.

Since the board game did not have music to go by as you play, this new app brings a smile to the player’s face with the background music accompanying each game.

It has a Quick mode feature that offers a faster option for single players on the go.

The Quick mode’s rules can be edited but the default rules are to skip over all tax, Chance and community chest spaces, force players to leave jail after being in there for one turn, build hotels after three houses, and ending the game after one person reaches bankruptcy.

It also has the offline multiplayer option where the user can play with their family in person by passing the phone between turns.

Scrabble Go is a mobile or laptop game that can be played with family.

It is a game that has been around for more than 80 years.

It offers an experience much closer to the original board game and can be played remotely with friends by adding them through your phone or connecting the app to your Facebook account.

One of the features it has is the Scrabble leagues where you can play against other scrabble friends to achieve top league rankings.

It also has the track stats that enable you to view your scoring averages and to see how your word puzzle Scrabble skills are progressing with their in-depth profile page.