Marketers bank on data for solutions

In Summary

• The use of social media platforms can improve consumers’ experiences.

Google headquarters
Google headquarters

You may not realize it, but you are using artificial intelligence to get your way around, thanks to the smartphone and mobile internet.

Through collecting of consumers' online footprint,  algorithms or instructions to machines, are quietly influencing what you consume, a marketers’ forum heard.

“Many applications that we use daily, such as Google maps, or online cab hailing is all because of AI,” said marketer and CEO of Saracen Media Lenny ng’ang’a.

The marketers’ forum was urged to think ahead of their consumers, rather than just wait for consumers to suggest what they want.

Advertisers’ use of social media platforms can improve consumers’ experiences, though it should not only be invasive but fast.

“Understand your consumers and respond to their fleeting needs using new technology and quickly,” said Gathoni Mwangi, a marketer.

Ng’ang’a added that in efforts to grab elusive eyeballs of prospective consumers, advertisers must now explore big data analytics to create technologies that answer to problems, with innovative solutions.

"I have had to enrol in courses on big data, because I needed the capacity to respond to my clients effectively," he said.

He lamented that players in the advertising industry are reluctant to gain new skills, hence missing out on benefits of data mining.

The advertisers’ ability to analyse big data will mean being able to provide right solutions to consumers, based on findings.