Cutting edge advertising

Use big data to create marketing solutions, advertisers told

In Summary

•Artificial intelligence influences a lot of consumer activities daily

•Ability to analyze big data means being able to provide the right solutions 

Lenny Ng'ang'a, the CEO Saracen Media, during the Omnicom Predicts conference in Nairobi on May 3rd, 2019
Lenny Ng'ang'a, the CEO Saracen Media, during the Omnicom Predicts conference in Nairobi on May 3rd, 2019
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Understand your consumers and respond to their fleeting needs using new technology, or your skills will soon be obsolete, industry players have been told.

Artificial intelligence has influenced a lot of consumer activities, including mundane tasks such as taking a route using Google maps, hailing an online cab an Internet search for items, with consumers leaving a digital footprint on the digital space.


Lenny Ng’ang’a, CEO of Saracen Media, said advertisers and marketers must think ahead of their customer, be agile in responding to and analysing data that consumers churn every day.

He said in their efforts to grab the elusive eyeballs of prospective consumers, advertisers must now explore the use of artificial intelligence and big data to create technologies that answer to problems, with innovative solutions. If it means taking up courses on data, or artificial intelligence, this is the time for marketing creatives to do so, in order to respond effectively to customer needs.

“The advertising community is still reluctant to learn new skills in big data analysis and technology,” he lamented, hence missing out on how to mine data that will help in selling our products better.

He said to embrace technology and learn the skills needed to navigate will improve experiences both for consumers and businesses.

The advertisers’ ability to analyse big data will mean being able to provide right solutions to consumers, based on findings.

The advertising agency launched an out-of-home media planning and management software, a platform that will be used to evaluate, map out and rates performances of billboards, in order to better advise clients.

The OOHna platform will also generate intelligence reports, deliver comprehensive data on the Kenyan landscape and inform buyers on recommended sites for acquisition based on metrics that inform strategic site placements.