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Healthcare stays sick in poor customer loyalty survey

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•More than half of the respondents marked customer service as the highest driver of customer experience

The Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret.
The Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret.
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Healthcare industry is still lagging behind in customer experience to the points of negative compared to other industries, despite it being one of the key economic pillars.

The latest Customer Loyalty Benchmark Report for 2019, shows the total Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the industry remained at -5 in the three months to March 2019, to mark a consistent trend with three months to December 2018.

NPS is a global customer loyalty metric based of the answers to questions, with Africa-based Integrated Customer Experience Company selecting 1000 respondents from each industry.


Under the universal healthcare initiative, Treasury’s budgetary allocation on health services increased by 57.8 per cent to Sh97.5 billion in current financial year ending June, from Sh61.8 billion allocated in 2017/18 financial year.

“The disparity of service offerings in private and public sector persists, with government hospitals recording a negative NPS over the last three quarters,” mSurvey showed.

More than half of the respondents marked customer service as the highest driver of customer experience, 15 per cent of respondents pointing to speed and efficiency, while others flagging quality, price, staff, hygiene and facilities.

Mater hospital took lead in the healthcare industry, despite recording a decrease in the level of customer experience from 29 to 11. Customers cited the level of communication and superior information dispensation by the hospital as a key driver for great customer experience.

Moi Teaching and Referral hospital recorded an NPS of 10 compared to nine in the last quarter, to emerge the second best performing institution in this quarter.

“Customers rewarded MTRH for excellent customer service and quick response,” it showed.

However, NHIF recorded the most improved customer experience in the Insurance industry, with customers who interacted with cover over the three months citing its prompt payment of medical bills and overall customer service.


Customers also cited the Affordability and wide coverage of services which gives NHIF competitive advantage over other insurers.

 “Irrespective of the minimal amount of Sh500 a month one can always be served in a hospital with the NHIF cover,” one customer said.

 “It’s conducive especially when my child is sick and I happen not to have money, I know my child is still covered.”

In the banking industry, KCB retained the top spot in the period under review and improved to 28 NPS point from 22. Customers commended the bank for their low interest rates on loans. Some respondents however, cited speed as an area that needed improvement.

A common sentiment was, “Their services are slow, you have to wait and wait,” the survey showed.

Equity Bank also moved to 23 from 5 in the last period as customers gave high scores for great customer service, friendlier transaction charges and efficiency. Co-operative bank moved to 22 from 15.

 “The latest string of mergers and acquisitions is likely to contribute to transformation in Customer Experience in this space throughout 2019,” mSurvey chief executive Kenfield Griffith said.

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