Tatu City first solar power plant to serve thousands

The installation is expected to serve 8,500 people per year.

In Summary

• The power produced is enough to serve 8,500 people annually.

• This is the largest such installation in Kenya.

The solar units atop the Dormans Coffee global headquarters in Tatu City
The solar units atop the Dormans Coffee global headquarters in Tatu City
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Tatu City has unveiled the largest solar plant in the country in partnership with Equator Energy, to generate renewable energy for the establishment.

The installation, with 2,880 solar modules mounted on 5,700 square metres of roof space at Dormans Coffee global headquarters, is expected to serve 8,500 people per year, producing 1.4 million kilowatt-hours per year.


It is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least 1 million kilos per year while providing 1 MW of electricity.

The plan is to install solar panels on all rooftops at the industrial park, producing up to 30 MW, according to Nick Langford, head of utilities for Rendeavour.

“The power will be distributed for use by homes and businesses within the city… residents will enjoy sustained power supply at very minimal costs,” he said.

Tatu Industrial Park is zoned for light, non-polluting industries and a number of international, regional and local companies are positioning their business at Tatu City for growth in East Africa and they include Dormans Coffee, Kim-Fay, Unilever, Chandaria Industries, Africa Logistics Properties, Freight Forwarder Kenya, Stecol, and Tianlong.

Equator Energy CEO Sebastian Noethlichs said the installation is one of Kenya’s largest solar power plants.

Installation of the entire plant, including 15 kilometres of cable, took only six days.