Four keys to abundance

The drive for success should not become a drug

In Summary

•Abundance occurs when success is no longer a drug, but you enjoy success from a wholesome place

•You must consistently do the work required to create abundance

In modern culture, success is a drug – the need to succeed is an intoxicating drive. One reason for this is that, in many societies, a person’s value or self-worth is tied to their success; in this case, people believe that you are worthy of respect only when you become successful. So, to be respected, people pursue success in different forms. This is one way to live, but there is yet another – abundance.

Sometimes, the success drive blinds people to the deeper issue of abundance – that place where your success does not determine your self-worth. Abundance is success with contentment. Here, you are not a person worthy of respect because you are successful, but your self-worth is secure regardless. Abundance occurs when success is no longer a drug, but you enjoy success from a wholesome place. It is beyond closing the next deal, and these are some keys to it.

Giving: This is a major key to abundance. The success drug makes you focus on taking, but abundance is focused on giving or generosity. These are two different mindsets. Abundance means that you are willing to offer value beyond what you are paid. You give of your gifts, time, and resources because you understand and honor people’s value. Being generous is a sign of abundance.

Order: To flow in abundance your life must flow in the direction of purpose – this is order. Your life has a sense of direction and you are not only chasing money. The success drug ensures that you achieve your goals to appease your unhealthy ego, but abundance is about being submitted and committed to your life’s purpose. In essence, order means that you want to serve people with your gift.

Respect: You may make money or attain a measure of success without honour, but abundance is created in an atmosphere of respect. Those who have entered the realm of abundance understand the importance of respecting everyone. Yes, everyone – big, small, rich, poor, black, white, green – everyone. This is important because abundance is created in a purpose-network. There are many people involved in the abundance creation process because your purpose is connected to the purpose of others.

Discipline: Experts believe that nothing is achieved without discipline. The best-made plans fail where discipline is lacking. I dare say that: abundance is impossible without discipline. You must consistently do the work required to create abundance. Strategy and plans must be executed diligently. You must show up daily and do skilful work – that is discipline.

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