Three Simple Ways to Succeed Faster

Why you need a vision, a network and a coach

In Summary

•Expand your networks because it is better to do life in a community and unwise to do it alone

•Get a coach since the clarity gained through coaching creates speed – this means that you move faster towards your goals

If you type the word “success” on Google, you will get over 2.5billion search results. So much has been shared about the ‘secrets’ of success and finding the right ‘success secrets combination’ is a challenge.

On success secrets, one must prioritise and know which secrets will get them further per time. Also, there are timeless success strategies that will work for anyone anywhere at any time – and these are the principles that I will share with you. Success is no mystery and it can happen faster than you think if you apply these three ideas.

Have a Clear Vision: There is a Jewish proverb that says – “where there is no vision, people perish.” Here the foundation of success is clearly stated: vision. What is a vision? It is a clear picture of the solution that you have been designed to offer to the world. Your presence is designed to solve a problem. For instance, I am designed to solve leadership and innovation problems. When you know the problem that you have been designed to solve, your vision emerges because you are the solution.

Operate in a Network Community: Another Jewish proverb says – “two heads are better than one.” It is better to do life in a community or network – and it is unwise to do life alone. Plus, you do not have to. When you operate in a community, you enjoy greater influence and your efforts are amplified. Also, you achieve your goals faster because you have access to help, counsel, and more resources beyond your limited capacity. Smart people operate in a network.

Get a Coach: This is one of the best-kept secrets of the phenomenally successful – they use the services of a coach. Have you ever wondered why the world’s best athletes like the golfer, Tiger Woods, still have coaches? They are the best, why do they need their coaches? The answer: to become better and stay the best. Many world-renowned athletes, politicians, and business leaders have coaches.

You need a coach to help you gain clarity and sanity. With a coach, you can easily and quickly cut through the noise of modern life and get the tools that you need to achieve your goals. The clarity gained through coaching creates speed – this means that you move faster towards your goals. A coach helps you to design a robust approach to life and the coaching process ensures that you do not waste time, energy, and resources moving in the wrong direction.

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