How to survive a crisis

Essential crisis management skills

In Summary

•You can feel fear, but you bet stopped by it and you should not make fear-based decisions

•2020 is a dynamic year and your plans should reflect the times

This year has been unprecedented, and the world is still shocked by the global lockdown due to Covid-19. The pandemic has made crisis management skills essential because your skill level determines your chances of surviving a crisis. So, how would you rate your crisis management skills? Do you know how to navigate a crisis? How do you survive and thrive afterwards? Here are five tips to help you.

Do Not Fear: Normally, fear is our first response when crisis occurs, especially when it is of an unfamiliar nature like Covid-19. Most of us have never experienced a global lockdown in our lifetime. So, this is quite strange, and fear is natural. However, you must decide not to give in to fear if you must survive. This means that you can feel fear, but you are not stopped by it and you do not make fear-based decisions. Move forward despite your fears.

Find Support System: It is unwise to face to crisis alone. To survive a crisis, you need help. Therefore, it is important to find people who can offer you emotional, social, or any other support that you need. Often, one key support that you need are people or systems that would help you attain clarity of thought in crisis. This is important because clarity gives you the energy required to craft good strategies in crisis.

Evaluate Your Resources: In crisis, it is vital to take stock of your resources. How much money do you have? What contacts, connections and goodwill do you have? Do you have good social capital? Do you have assets that can help you? What can you leverage? Good knowledge of your resources will help you move forward.

Make Flexible Plans: 2020 is a dynamic year and your plans should reflect the times. In crisis, uncertainty is high. That is why your plans must be flexible – you must be prepared to change course at a moment’s notice. This is not the time to insist on how you have always done things. Your plans cannot be set in stone.

Fight: In crisis, you are in a fight; you are in battle. And what do you do in battle? You fight. Based on your plans, move strategically, and take on the crisis. Fight with the resources you have gathered, fight with your support system in place, and fight fearlessly knowing that every crisis ends – no crisis is forever. Fight with all you have and be resilient because, at last, you will win.

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