Move Forward with Courage

It’s time to be fearless about your goals

In Summary

•Challenges are no longer excuses for not reaching for your dreams

•You’ve got to have an intoxicating drive that makes your fears negligible

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In 2020, the brave will do better than the brilliant and courage will be the difference. I am convinced that this is the year for you to venture into new things; to explore aspects of your uniqueness that you have left untouched for years. It’s time to be fearless about your goals. Beyond the new year hype, it’s time to move into areas you never thought you could enter – dare to go for new.

The internet has made knowledge common. Generally, knowledge is not the issue. But, if we now know so much, why are some people still crippled by fear from venturing into their dreams? 

Beyond knowledge, we need the courage to act. Yes, courage. We live in a time where challenges are the staple. Anything can happen at any time – this is the reality of modern culture. Hence, challenges are no longer excuses for not reaching for your dreams. Amidst the challenges, you must move forward into your dreams – obstacles can’t stop you. This is what courage looks like. So, how do you display bravery? Here are three tips.

Be Hungry: You’ve got to have an intoxicating drive that makes your fears negligible. It is likened to the drive that a mother has when she responds to her endangered child’s cry for help. Typically, at that point, a mother is oblivious to the enormity of the danger. She is obsessed with saving her child. When you are hungry for your dream, you become obsessed and nothing else matters. You will move mountains to make your dream happen. This obsession births courage.

Dream Big: How big is your dream? Does it excite you? There is something about engaging your imagination to the degree that your vision energises you. When this occurs, courage begins to rise in you to make your vision happen. If your fears still cripple you, then your dreams are probably not big enough because a big dream puts fire in your bones. Hence, obstacles are immaterial.

Get it Done: You have thought enough about that idea. In 2020, it’s time to get it done. You have analysed and calculated enough. You have waited too long for the ‘right time’ and now you’ve realised that there is no right time. You have made enough excuses, now move! When you start to move, you chip away at the obstacles and challenges in your way. Consequently, courage grows in you and your dream begins to emerge. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

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