In Summary

• Handshake has brought divisions. 

• Foreigners afraid to visit during elections. 

UNWELCOME TRUCE: President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga during the handshake on March 9 last year
Image: Jack Owuor

The political stalemate being experienced in the ruling party is of bad taste.

Some leaders from the party wings are creating divisions, opposing what they should support as holders of power in all assemblies.

Currently, if a foreigner visits he /she asks first if we have elections the following day. In such a situation, we can’t differentiate opposition leaders from the ruling leaders because all seem to read from the same script. 

Amid this confusion, Kenyans don’t know where to stand as the people they were following now seem to be with the people they were advising against. Kenyans need political direction and a clear explanation of the handshake and what to expect from it. 

Otherwise, we are all in a big covered basket being carried to unkown destinations by the leaders.


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