Willy Paul sorry for ‘dirty’ music

He has admitted it was meant to draw attention, will now return to 'factory settings'

In Summary

• He thought that being nasty was the way to go but has promised 'a new beginning'

Willy Paul
Willy Paul
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Singer Willy Paul has promised to create ‘clean and meaningful’ content this year.

Apologising to his fans on Instagram, Pozze admitted that he released ‘dirty’ tracks to draw attention. Pozze then promised to be more intentional in his approach to content creation.

“For the longest time, I thought that being nasty was the way to go. That being nasty would make my music sell. I’ve come to realise that good music is what people really want, and this year, I promise nothing but the best,” he said.

“We are just getting started. Thank you for making us trend at #1 for two days now. Please forgive me for releasing dirty content in 2020. New Year, a new beginning. Back to factory setting!”

Willy Paul quit gospel music in 2019, citing hypocrisy and that he lacked the physical, emotional and spiritual support to carry on in the industry.

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