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Isiolo killer riber gets Sh83 million for a new bridge

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 00:00 -- BY HUSSEIN SALESA
ewaso ngiro accident
the lorry and animals on board the plunged into river ewaso ngiro in isiolo.pic\hussein urah.

The Isiolo North CDF committee has began the construction of a Sh83 million bridge at Gotu on the Ewaso Niro River. The committee and the Ministry of Works yesterday handed over the site to a contractor who will begin the construction today.

The CDF committee, led by Abdia Dabaso, said they were forced to fund the project after the Ministry of Works delayed the disbursement of funds meant for the construction.

"We are not going to sit and watch our people perish in this bridge. That is why we decided to pump millions of money into this project," said Dabaso. More than 40 people have been swept away into the crocodile infested river.

Several vehicles have plunged into the river at the bridge, killing hundreds of people. More than 10 people, including four police officers, were swept away by the raging river last year when their truck plunged into the bridge.

The bodies of the victims and the officers' firearms are yet to be recovered. She said the community living around the bridge watch helplessly when people are swept away by the river.

The committee thanked area MP Mohamed Kuti for the agreeing with their proposal to use CDF money to construct the new bridge.

Dabaso told off politicians who are claiming credit for the project and asked them to fund other projects. Vehicles plying the Isiolo-Merti route are forced to use the long and insecure route via Archers post when the river bursts its bank in the rainy season.