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New factory to recycle electronic waste

Friday, November 16, 2012 - 00:00 -- BY MATHEWS NDANYI

The government will set up an electronic recycling factory to help deal with tonnes of waste piling up in many parts of the country.

The National Environment Management Authority is spearheading the project to be located in one of the Export Processing Zones .

NEMA deputy director for environmental awareness Betty Nzioka said they are already in talks with several foreign firms to help set up the E-waste handling project within the next one year.

"We are already in negotiations with all stakeholders to deal with licensing and provision of land where the project will be located", said Nzioka who was speaking during a sensitization forum in Eldoret.

She said factories and other firms in the country have stock piles of electronic waste which they are unable to deal with because of lack of proper mechanisms for disposal or recycling.

The waste includes all electronic equipment including mobile phones, computers, fridges among others. NEMA has also contacted companies which manufacture electronic equipment or gadgets to help the country adopt modern technology in disposing off or recycling the E-waste.

Such companies include Nokia, Sumsung, Del and Sony among others. She said the country also lacks proper laws that can help in dealing with the E-waste problem.

"We have realized that e-waste is now a major challenge and the regulations we had put in place six years ago can no longer help to effectively deal with the challenge", she said.