Saturday, Feb 28th 2015

You will eat grass, pastor warns scribes

Monday, July 23, 2012 - 00:00 -- BY STEPHENE SANGIRA

CONTROVERSIAL pastor Michael Njoroge has threatened two journalists over a story aired on TV exposing him for using unscrupulous means to woo worshippers. While delivering a sermon at his church yesterday, the Fire Ministries' pastor warned that the two NTV journalists - Mohamed Ali and Ferdinand Omondi- will “eat grass” in due course.

The investigative journalists at the weekend exposed pastor Njoroge for paying prostitutes to give fake testimonies on how they have been healed and received miracles after prayers conducted by the pastor. “Hao waandishi wa habari wataona na watajua hata sisi ni wakenya” (Those journalists will see and they will know that we are also Kenyans), said one church elder who declined to give his name.

Some of the contracted prostitute 'actors' came forward to expose Njoroge after a fallout following the pastor's failure to keep his end of the deal and pay them as earlier agreed. Yesterday the church was under tight security as several youths screened visitors entering the church and banned anyone found with a camera. Kenya has over the recent years witnessed a boom in the number of new churches with fears that some people use the church to enrich themselves by taking advantage of gullible Christians. With the wide use of mobile phone money transfers, televangelists and other pastors often set up Mpesa numbers to collect money from believers saying that it will be used for church projects and spreading of the word to ensure more people benefit from 'miracles'.