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650 unruly Giakanja students sent home

Saturday, October 13, 2012 - 00:00 -- BY WAMBUGU KANYI
A student of Giakanja Boys High School in Nyeri stranded at the gate after the school was closed indefinitely following an attempt of students to burn down the school dormitory. Photo/ Wambugu Kanyi
Chania dormitory of Giakanja Boys where students attempted to torch it down. Photo/ Wambugu Kanyi

GIAKANJA Boys High School in Nyeri has been closed indefinitely after a week of unrest by students.

The school sent home its 658 students, including those in Form Four, who are set to sit their KCSE in a fortnight, after a group of students attempted to burn Chania dormitory around 7.25pm on Thursday evening.

So far, five students are in police custody and might be arraigned in court soon and charged with arson.

They were arrested on Thursday night after one of them attempted to torch  another dormitory just two days after another one was burnt on Tuesday night.

The principal Nelson Bekenya said the school had to be closed down ''because the learning environment has been contaminated''.

“The board and the school administration could no longer allow the boys in the school. They had to go home in order to allow police, the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders to do their work,” he added.

Bekenya said the three dormitories that were destroyed will have to be repaired before the students are allowed back.

Nyeri police boss Kirunya Limbitu said: ''We believe the five suspects are the ones who burnt the other dormitory on Tuesday night. Three of them are from Form One and one from form Three. The prime suspect who was seen running towards the classrooms immediately the fire started is in Form Two.''

The student was arrested by other students and later named his accomplices.

He allegedly set ablaze two mattresses at the Chania dormitory  before other students put off.

The school's board chairman, Joseph Kamweru, said the school will summon all the parents and discuss with them in a meeting before the school resumes.

The school has been under police watch since Tuesday.