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Betting Side Shows at the East Africa Race of Champions

Saturday, December 11, 2010 - 00:00 -- BY DUNCAN NDOTONO

it’s a game of football, golf, a horse race or a boxing match, most people have
placed bets on a sport at least once.

Sunday afternoon Society witnessed rally enthusiasts on Sunday afternoon at the
Jamhuri Park racetrack betting on the second edition of the East Africa race of


The event
marked the end of the 2010 Motor Racing season.

At some
point during the betting there was a heated argument when one of the gamblers
refused to come to terms with losing Sh1,000 on a bet made on the sidelines
with his friends.

While this little side show was happening, the real action was on the racetrack
with the motor bike class being won by Shivam Vinayak, the only motor bike  driver

topped the
Quads (four-wheeled motor bike) category as Asad Anwar (Azar’s younger brother) went home as the
winner of Rally car category.

side shows were provided by Air Kenya’s, Captain Eric Hallard who flew by in a Model airplane
YAK 54, (that is approximately five by two feet in size) keeping the eyes of
the rally fans glued to the skies as he performing his amazing airshow tricks.


of Bash
Masters meanwhile made sure no one at the bar ran dry.

Among the
drivers present were Arthur Kinya, Simon Sharpe who topped the buggy class category, Ben Muchemi, a proud member and Brian


guests included Media personality Eddie Kimani who acted as EmCee on the dusty
race track and former radio presenter and Code-Red deejays'
member Brian
who was
wearing a vintage VOK branded T-shirt.