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Friday, January 14, 2011 - 00:00 -- BY GRACE KERONGO

almost a year after the controversy that snared ex-TV anchor Esther Arunga,
saxophonist Joseph Hellon and failed rap-singer Quincy Timberlake hit the
proverbial fan.

Esther Arunga shocked many fans when she made
the decision to dump her fiance just weeks ahead of their planned wedding,
under advice from leaders of the Finger Of God cult. She then went ahead to quit her lucrative job
at KTN - a job she had described on her Facebook page as, "The best job
ever, I love my job"

Esther then refused to go back home even after
the police were called by her concerned 
parents to get her from Runda, where musician Joseph Hellon, the Church
leader lives. At the time Hellon told the world with Esther
by his side that she was old enough to make her own choices.

controversy caused quite a social commotion with many people thinking the trio
had lost their senses. Now
Hellon has come out to speak about the controversy describing the whole affair
as “a well-planned, elaborate con carried out on him, Arunga, and the Finger Of
God congregation by Quincy.”

meanwhile is keeping silent and refusing to comment on the affair. Attempts to
reach him failed when he refused to respond to calls and messages.

musician turned spiritual leader spoke in detail about his interaction with
Quincy, and when it finally dawned on him that he had been had.

first met Quincy in childhood. Quicy’s family lived 100 meters from Hellon’s
mother’s  Kokuro village home,
located a few kilometers from Awendo Town in Nyanza Province. Quincy was raised
by his grandparents Joel and Rael Madanji.

The two
were deskmates since class two at Kokuro Primary School. Back then, Quincy was
registered in the school as Joginda Singh. Since then, Quincy has gone by many

When he
was in Kanda King's band he was a Congolese known as Dezato, and to the late
rapper Krupt, he was Fizzle Dogg now with Hellon he goes by Quincy Wambita Zuma

In an
exclusive interview this week, Hellon came clean about all the too good to be
true deals that he was sucked into Quicy’s orbit by. The first
deal that grabbed Hellon’s attention was a contract with Pepsi Cola, the deal
was further sweetened by an acting deal with Hollywood actor Mel Gibson and
finally an interview on Larry King Live’s show on CNN. “When
Quincy came to me he told me he had a contact at the Pepsi Cola Company in the
USA and they would be interested in sponsoring my jazz career. Immediately, I
started receiving phone calls from people saying they were Pepsi’s managers for
Africa. I could see the number was South African for real and so I believed.”

Even when
soon afterwards Quincy went to prison and was released on bail, after a case of
obtaining money through false pretences, Hellon stuck by him.

“When he
got out, I told him ‘Look, lets get on with Pepsi Cola deal' and he told me all
these court cases were slowing the deal down. That is when I started thinking
there must be something wrong. “The
various people who called never wanted to meet in person. When after a while
nothing happened, it occurred to me that the many Pepsi Cola managers, and others
who claimed to be Larry King and Mel Gibson had been inventions of Quincy
Timberlake all along. “If it
wasn’t for the way things happened early last year (the raids and court cases)
we would have discovered this a lot earlier.

“It was
hardly a month after meeting him that we got raided and arrested and now we
have been saddled with the legal aspect of everything. We have bills and
lawyers to pay and our names to clear. “So
basically, attention shifted from him. That gave him a lot of time to work with
whomever his accomplices were to keep us deceived. And I do admit we were fully

The final
confrontation leading to the break up between Hellon and Quicy took place on
December 8 last year. “When I
asked him about all the deals that never happened, he became upset and said he
was leaving" “One of
the reasons I had believed him initially was because Quincy never hid details
of his former life or on how he earned his money. “He
convinced us he needed help. He wanted to be part of the church as well,”
explained Hellon.

claims that Quincy somehow managed to hack into his e-mail and pretend he was
the televangelist Benny Hinn and order Hellon’s Finger of God church to do
various things. “Finger
of God had been partners with the Benny Hinn ministries for many years. And
Benny Hinn used to send us letters every month. How, Quincy was able to somehow
hack into that mail to the extent that instead of getting mail from Benny Hinn
we got it from him, we don’t know. The wording, format and message was the
same. “We were
oblivious, thinking we were still receiving original messages from Benny Hinn.
We only realised this was not the case towards mid-last year.”

their 12-month stay with Quincy at his Runda and later Kitisuru homes, Hellon
said he began to notice the “peculiar habits” of his erstwhile friend. “We
started to realise that he regularly destroyed or got rid of his computer hard
drives. This got us wondering what is he trying to hide,” Hellon said.

After the
confrontation with Hellon, Quincy left the house in Kitisuru that Hellon, his
wife Wagikuyu, Esther Arunga and a female UN employee friend of theirs shared
and he rented a place of his own in New Kitisuru.

Later on
December 12 a blog claiming to detail the gang rape of a Finger of God
congregation member allegedly posted online by fellow Finger of God member,
Veronica Agape. These claims have since been denied by Agape who says she
suspects that an imposter posted the blog to hurt Hellon.

his wife Wagikuyu and Veronica Agape recorded statements at CID headquarters on
Tuesday, in which they threatened to sue Quincy.