Monday, Mar 02nd 2015

This Mission Doesn't Speak For Kenyans

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 - 00:00 -- BY PHEROZE NOWROJEE

We need some stillness in this frenzy. We have to pull back. We must recall where we are to head in 2011 and 2012. And whether what we see happening constitutes moves towards those agreed national goals. The short-term goals of our country were emphatically voted on by 67% of the country : to implement the new Constitution in the manner set out in it, so that in 2012 we may put into practice the new system to brings fairness and protection to every Kenyan. The mid-term goals are to make that new system flourish. The long-term goal is to hand over to future generations of Kenyans a working system wherein they live fairly with each other.

Instead, a small coterie has replaced these endorsed national goals with their own self-serving goals. This is not government we are seeing. This is the naked self-preservation of individuals. The country’s dignity is at stake, the economy is being destabilized. It is an embarrassment to us, and a danger. So desperate are they in seeking their own goals, that high State officers have allegedly authorized national intelligence to be given every day to a person who has had to step aside from Cabinet office by reason of an ongoing criminal case and is a suspect in another one internationally. (Standard on Sunday, 6 March 2011). One of the goals of this group is to save this very individual from being tried at the Hague. Giving him special access to daily intelligence, to which he is otherwise not entitled, can be used in saving himself from the Hague, not the correct purpose of national intelligence gathering.

How does Shuttle II and deferment of the Hague cases assist in any of our national goals? How do we hope to convince the members of the Security Council that we want a local tribunal when two of the most vocal proponents of this choice are themselves possible suspects at the Hague. And can they say they have widespread support in the country for that choice, when their most vocal supporters are defined only by family and ethnicity?

Further, one half  (PNU), of a coalition government, a party which hopes to cement electoral alliances by the choice of a local tribunal, cannot make that choice for its own benefit and then pretend to the Security Council that it is the national choice. The emissaries too are all only from that same one political alliance. 

What we are seeing are not sober cabinet ministers but very frightened young men. So frightened, that they are ready to play, and are playing, Russian roulette with their country. They are hoping that when the trigger is pressed, there will be no bullet for their brains, even if the bullet in the next round slays the country, its economy, and its standing in the world.  If each paid even a fraction of the time and energy to his ministerial duties as he does to his personal political future and cavorting with out-of- office companions, the real dangers to Kenya would begin to ease.

What we are seeing is not government of the people, by the people or for the people. It is government by, for and of an isolated inner circle of office holders, making secret decisions, taking steps which have not been decided upon by the Cabinet or approved by Parliament, disregarding the National Accord, spending public funds without a vote in Parliament. How can such a group convince the Security Council that their local judicial system will be credible, when their local executive system has itself gone there carrying the baggage of all these illegalities?

If these emissaries in Shuttle II are genuine, let them tell Kenyans openly what they are telling those foreign governments. What reasons are they making up to bring about a deferment of the Hague trials ? What are they saying in the name of the people of Kenya?  Is it that Kenya will be in danger if the trials continue at the Hague ?  If so, disclose to Kenyans the danger you have disclosed to those foreign countries.  Disclose to us also who is threatening this danger to Kenya. Is it your own political allies ? Let Kenyans judge your message to the Security Council.

These emissaries pretend in those foreign countries that they speak for all Kenyans. Kenyans however, are telling foreign countries that these emissaries do not speak for Kenya, but for a small clique and their camp followers.