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Kibaki, Stop Holding Our Future Hostage over Ocampo Six

Monday, March 14, 2011 - 00:00 -- BY CAROLINE MUTOKO
Kibaki in Nyahururu

read with shock in the newspapers over the weekend that President Mwai Kibaki,
whom I have previously in this column referred to as My Rock Star, has written
letters to he United Nations Security Council and the Assembly of State Parties
to the Rome Statute. In the letters he claims that two of the six suspected
masterminds of the post-election violence are front-runners in the Kibaki
succession race and their prosecution in the run-up to the 2012 election may
cause renewed violence.

Rock Star seems to have Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto in mind when he talks
of the front-runners in the 2012 presidential elections. Oh Please! Or we say
on face book “nktest”.

are you trying to hold this nation hostage to impunity? How will not deferring
the cases against the six could lead to chaos? Unless
those very six plan to unleash terror on this nation if they can't have their
way, I don’t see how Kibaki can make that claim.

fact I hope the two bodies Kibaki wrote to, will ask him to substantiate his
claims and if indeed he has information showing that the accused plan to plunge
this nation into chaos, then I submit that they should be held at The Hague
indefinitely when they go on April 7th.

Makau Mutua in the Sunday Nation boldly pondered: “Maybe Mr Kibaki
thinks the Ocampo Six could implicate him. Or the Ocampo Six have ‘taken him

read my mind. What I want to know is, who’s holding a gun to Kibaki’s head that
he in turn feels the need to hold one to our heads and another to that of the
judges at the ICC.

want to state categorically that we bled, suffered, lost our jobs and
livelihoods as people with more money than most of us will ever see in 100
lifetimes, called Kofi Annan names and then briskly went to Parliament to take
oath of office so that they could enjoy their salaries. Salaries that were
being paid by people who could barely put food on the table. This same lot of
people proceeded to then raid our food silos (they've all been implicated by
Wikileaks) left us to starve and proceeded to line their pockets and moved on.
A few people died, they pondered that fact briefly then decided: So what?

don’t care if Raila and Kibaki themselves are hauled off to The Hague. No one
is indispensable, absolutely no one. I believe they know this truth and will do
anything and everything including a bogus shuttle diplomacy mission to stop
that reality from coming to pass.

air in my lungs, the cup of coffee I’m drinking as I write this, my very life
and livelihood has never in any way benefited from the mere existence of this

say enough of the clowning around and the futile attempts to hold this nation
hostage. Unless the Six accused plan to plunge this nation into chaos, I see no
reason whatsoever, that they should not go and plead their case at The Hague.

assumption that Kenya will spontaneously combust because six mere mortals have
been asked to answer charges of the greatest atrocities is utter rubbish.

following are a few home truths for Kibaki to consider: When,
not if, when the six are gone, the sun will rise and set, the women in  Kibera will sell tomatoes, the waiter
at Java will take my order for carrot cake, the teller at the bank will be asked
for “new” notes by some crazy customer.

will be sold, flowers will bloom, traffic on Thika Road will continue to be a
pain, the big ugly storks on Uhuru Highway will defecate on someone’s new car
and some errant Star Bus driver will try and cut me off in traffic. Life. Will.
Go. On.

I say again, be gone with you. This country is on the verge of greatness and
your biggest fear is that you won’t be here for the party. I see Uhuru says he
will start naming names. What happened to “we don’t have a case to answer”. If
that is indeed the case, what beans is he spilling now? You contradict yourself

I must say I like it. In school it was called kuuzana (seeling each other). Uza
watu (sell people) my friend so you will have company, if not at the Hague at
least in misery. If it becomes too much, please pick up a few stones and go
throw them at each others houses, beat up each other’s wives and kids and then
call a press conference and request help and if we ignore you, see if you can
block a few highways - just you and your kids, don't involve us. This time,
we’ll sit back and watch you for a change as we swig whiskey in our respective
pubs, country clubs and bars.

will not be held hostage to your ambitions. If you need to slit your wrists so
the drama can end, go right ahead. But stop lying to us and the world, that our
collective good is linked to you being allowed to get away with impunity. Hell

already bled, cried and buried our dead while you ordered new cars, new suits,
got new homes and enriched yourselves from the misery of Kenyans. I bet you
barely sleep now. Well we’ve been there done that, now it’s your turn. How does
it feel?