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Muite to vie for top seat on Safina ticket

Saturday, July 16, 2011 - 00:00 -- BY MOSOKU GEOFFREY

Safina leader Paul Muite has become the first person to be nominated by his party to run for next year’s presidency. Muite was declared Safina’s candidate after he was elected unopposed during yesterday’s National Convention Congress in Nairobi. The former Kabete MP declared that the journey to State House for reform minded persons had begun. He recounted to the over 1,000 delegates, Safina’s and his personal contribution towards reforms in the country.

While accepting the election and nomination, the human rights activist and prominent lawyer regretted that Kenya was still grappling with poverty and ignorance fifty years after independence. “I am deeply humbled that you have chosen to give me the responsibility of carrying the flag of the Safina Party forward in our quest to liberate Kenya from the scourge of bad governance, corruption land grabbing, under-development, abuse of human rights and impunity,” an elated Muite said.

During yesterday’s election Mars Group boss Mwalimu Mati was elected chairman replacing Mandera Central MP Mohamed Abdikadir who did not contest.

Activist Cyprian Nyamwamu was elected unopposed as secretary general with Asia Suleiman becoming the treasurer. Muite termed next year’s election as a competition between those who believe and fight for real change against the fighters and believers in the status quo. “It will be a choice between real and genuine change or allowing things to remain as they are- and we all know how they are.” He singled out corruption, high cost of basic commodities, IDPs, poverty, insecurity, threat of terrorism and unemployment as some of the real issues.

Safina left the slot for deputy leader who according to its internal constitution as earmarked as a running mate. It is understood that the party may have left the slot vacant for Abdikadir who is expected to be Muite’s running mate in next August election. “As for who will be my running mate, the party delegates will decide when the time comes and when the time is right,” Muite told reporters.
Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara addressed the delegates as an invited guest saying that his CCU party will enter into a pre-election alliance with Safina. Nyamwamu told reporters that the party had commenced grassroots mobilization and recruitment to popularize it ahead of next year’s election.