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Punjabis back to their roots via fancy dress competition

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 00:00 -- BY JAVED KANA

the onset of school holidays, three Sikh community bodies – The Ramgharia Youth
Association, iSikh and Sikh Youth Kenya – jointly hosted a fancy dress
competition titled ‘Dress like a Punjabi’ last Sunday.

at the Sikh Temple in South C, Nairobi, many Punjabi-speaking people turned up
to participate in the traditionally captivating costume contest. There were
four groups, from tiny tots to elders who donned their best Punjabi attire.

Gahir of the RYA said, “This is just a community event which has been jointly
co-ordinated with the other Sikh bodies, for the first time. With the school
holidays going on, this was an initiative to keep children occupied with
something related to the community.” The purpose of the competition was also to
take the Sikh children back to the roots, learn a thing or two about their
culture and to appreciate Sikh values.


struck me first as I entered the Oshwal Junior High School auditorium last
Sunday evening was the impeccably designed stage! Two dancers were performing
on a semi-classical song and I could tell that the moves were distinctly
different. Their synchronisation was A class!

Kamini’s ex-students and the current ones hosted ‘Gemini’ - a duet dance
contest - that had a house-full attendance! There were about 15 performances,
which ranged from contemporary dancing to Bollywood songs as well as semi-classical

Channa and Ramesh Shah judged the performances while Aashima Malhotra was the
sensational voice behind the microphone who took the audience through each
performance. Ashmali and Apeksha won the top prize for their duet performance
while Roopa and Manavsi came second. Also, a foursome Bhangra act was met with
a thunderous applause from the audience and went on to scoop, undoubtedly, the
audience award.

stage dance should be a form of communication and must be able to express something.
There should be perfect synchronisation, great chemistry with the partner and
lots of emotions as well. As a judge, those were the things we were looking out
for. However, the dance moves were brilliant!” said Jyoti Channa.


nicely decorated white and blue tent was put up for Ruhila Adatia and her
girlfriends at Ruby Cat in Nairobi last Saturday afternoon, where Nivea Visage
threw a party for the Kiss TV and East FM presenter.

idea, as explained to me by George Gachui of Code Red agency, was, “to get a
group of ladies who fit Nivea’s target consumers and get them to spend a
Saturday afternoon interacting, sampling and testing various Nivea products. We
have skin care specialists who test the skin of these ladies and depending on
the result, recommend various suitable Nivea products. Ruhila fits the bill
because she is young, upcoming, and beautiful and obviously takes care of her

Vara, the senior brand manager for Nivea, Aarti Aggarwal from I&M Bank,
Reshma Aziz Khan and many others attended the party where they mingled and made
merry. Later, they walked away with goodies bags. Citizen’s
Belinda Obura, Cathy Gathu (Jimmy Gathu’s wife) and Eve D Souza were some of
the women on the Nivea list.