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Makueni MPs campaign together

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - 00:00 -- BY ANITA MUNYITHYA
Kaloki P.Kyalo- Kibwezi
Kibwezi MP Philip Kaloki Kyalo
Kiilu Peter- Makueni
Kiilu Peter- Makueni
Ndambuki G.Musyoka-Kaiti
Kaiti MP Gideon Musyoka Ndambuki

Three Makueni county MPs have forged an alliance ahead of the March 2013 elections. Assistant Minister for Agriculture and MP for Kaiti Gideon Ndambuki, Makueni MP Peter Kiilu and Kibwezi MP Prof Philip Kaloki have formed a unique coalition to drum up support for each other.

The three MPs are occasionally seen together in public rallies and often campaign for each other. On Friday when on a tour in his constituency, MP Kiilu asked the residents to support Kaloki for the governor's seat and Ndambuki for the senate seat, saying the two were development conscious and best suited for the job.

Kiilu is seeking re-election for the Makueni parliamentary seat. Kiilu defended their new found union saying they have been working together since 2008 and their union was not a political merger. "Our union is not a political alliance. It has been there since 2008. We came together to foster development in Makueni through collective bargaining in allocation of resources,’’ he said.

He said through the bargaining, the three have managed to get Kenya Medical Training College and a farmer training centre in the county. The two colleges are earmarked to kick off early next year. The Makueni MP however denied that the alliance aim was to consolidate votes in preparation for the coming General elections contrary to locals’ speculations.

Commenting on the alliance on Monday, the Ministry of Co-operative Development Secretary Mr. Daniel Kitonga Maanzo dismissed the alliance saying the three were doomed to fail. He said the three will face it rough once he resigns from the Civil service early next month together with Professor Kivutha Kibwana. "Kaloki will face it tough once the President’s adviser and former Makueni MP Professor Kivutha Kibwana joins Wiper Democratic Movement Party, in fact plans are underway to woo him join the party,’’ Mr. Maanzo said.

He said the entrance of Professor Kibwana in the WDM party will complicate things for Professor Kaloki who is seeking nominations for the same seat as Kibwana adding that Kaloki was likely to lose to Kibwana. Mr. Maanzo noted that once Professor Kibwana Joins WDM, the trio-him, Kivutha and Education Minister Mutula Kilonzo who is the MP for Mbooni will forge a strong union to neutralize Mps Kiilu, Ndambuki and Kaloki.

Last month Mutula announced that he will be contesting for the Makueni senate seat. But MP Kiilu stressed that WDP must adhere to election rules by ensuring free and fair nominations. He said that Mr. Maanzo and Mutula must seek party nominations like any other member in the Party regardless of their party positions. "WDM party does not belong to any individual. Let Mutula and Maanzo seek party nominations like any other member, this party belongs to us all,’’ Kiilu said.

The Makueni governorship seat has so far attracted three contestants; Professor Kaloki Professor Kibwana and retired General Lieutenant, Jones Mutwii. Kibwana is perceived to be Kaloki’s biggest challenge owing to his rich experience in politics and a good track in reforms. Ndambuki will face Mutula and the moneyed Kilome Mp John Harun Mwau for the senate seat.

But with Mutula being the Secretary General of the WDM, there are fears that he might use his party fort polio to influence nominations in his favour, a scenario that is more likely to leave Ndambuki in the cold. Eight contestants have so far showed interest for the Makueni Parliamentary seat.