Monday, Mar 02nd 2015

Original Bonoko 'singer' demands copyright pay

Friday, October 21, 2011 - 00:00 -- BY CATHERINE MUKEI

Street Urchin James Maina Kimani is demanding for pay after his speech narrated to a TV reporter was used to come up with the latest hit song Bonoko. The 20 year old street-kid who is now being groomed to radio presenter at Ghetto Radio told Word Is that he had learnt that his speech had been turned into a song after listening to it on radio.

“Most people do not know that whatever is said in that song is a real life experience I narrated to a TV reporter in 2009. I was sleeping at the Ngara Globe roundabout when one of my friends who was taking a shortcall was gunned down by police and accused of having a gun which we later realised was bonoko(a fake gun),”James told Word Is.

“I heard Ghetto radio asking who the original Bonoko singer is and that is when I decided to present myself. I'm surprised that there is even a video to the song and worst of all most people assume that is me;I'm not asking for a lot of money just a little fee for appreciation”said James who was close to tears. James  still sleeps in the  streets and  is learning radio production at Ghetto Radio where he hosts the evening drive show alongside Mbusi.