Friday, Feb 27th 2015

Two KDF soldiers die in Somalia village

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 - 00:00 -- BY DOMINIC WABALA AND AGENCIES

Two Kenya Defence Force soldiers and their Transitional Federal Government colleague were on Sunday afternoon killed in fighting in Somalia. Eleven all Shabaab fighters were also killed in the fight between the KDF and TFG troops on one side, and the al Shabaab on the other, in Delbiyow and Hosingow areas.

The fighting began when KDF and TFG attacked al Shabaab camps in the area and recovered a cache of weapons and communication equipment. "Yesterday 22/01/2012 at around 2300hrs KDF/TFG conducted a raid on al Shabaab camp where eleven were killed and others injured. Following the raid, four AK47s, communication equipment,collapsible water tank and several rounds of ammunition was captured. Out of the raid, KDF unfortunately lost two of its personnel  while TFG lost one. The raid was conducted on Al Shabaab camp in the areas of Delbiyow and Hosingo.

The camp is under KDF/TFG control," Kenya military spokesman Emmanuel Chirchir  tweeted yesterday morning. The incident happened on the same day alleged US drones targeted and killed a Bilal Al Berjawi aka Abu Hafsa, a foreign al Shabaab commander on the outskirts of Mogadishu. The drone reportedly fired three missiles which hit Abu Hafsa's car killing him on the spot.

Al Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage alias Ali Dheere confirmed the killing and said Berjawi had died a hero. "At round 1400hrs, a US drone targeted our mujahideen. One foreigner, a Lebanese with British passport died. He was a brave mujahideen in the al Shabaab officials and he came to Somalia for the sake of Allah to defend the holy religion of Islam," Rage said.

The al Shabaab Twitter page HSMPress posted on its tweets Abu Hafsa's death  saying he was a British citizen who grew up in West London and travelled to Somalia in 2006 to join al Shabaab. He oversaw the recruitment and training of al Shabaab and is the fourth foreign al Shabaab leader to be killed in the last three years. Abu Hafsa was a refrigeration and air conditioning technician before he joined al Shabaab.