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Take MRC threats seriously, MYWO boss tells government

Thursday, March 1, 2012 - 00:00 -- BY KERUBO LORNAH

THE government has been urged to take Mombasa Republican Council's secession threats seriously.

Coast Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organisation boss Sureya Roble Hersi said laxity by the government to address MRC’s issues ''is a disaster-in-waiting''.

''The government is taking the issue very lightly. It should listen to these people before things gets out of hand. It should not relate MRC to Mungiki because these people are actually raising genuine concerns,” said Hersi.

Hersi, who is also a women representative hopeful for Mombasa county, told the government to ''swallow its pride and listen to MRC''.

She said: “The group has already started to threaten that elections will not be held. This is of major concern. The government should deal with the issue immediately because we do not want any chaos in the region. listening to them does not mean it will allow Coast people to have their own country.”

“Of course they are not going to allow them to secede because that is illegal. However, the government should come out quickly and solve many present and historical injustices the group is talking about,” said Hersi.

She said Coast communities have been marginalised for a long time and the government should urgently address the matter.

“For instance, most institutions in this region do not even have ethnic balance within their staffing. The government should come up with an ethnic audit to ensure that all private and public institutions have a national face,” said Hersi.