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Bula Madina protest move to Balambala

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 00:00 -- BY STEPHEN ASTARIKO

The newly created constituency boundaries by IEBC have started drawing sharp criticism from a section of Garissa residents. Residents of Bula Madina yesterday took to Garissa streets in show of their discontent on the new boundary demarcation According
to the new boundary order Bula madina location has been transferred
from Dujis constituency to the newly created Balambala constituency
while alango Arba has been moved from lagdera to Balambala. The
hundreds of demonstrators matched to the local IEBC regional offices
demanding to be addressed by lower northeastern regional elections
coordinator. who was not around

The demonstrators who later matched towards the PCs office  claimed that their views were not incorporated following last years  consultative forum with IEBC that was held at the Garissa library. “Article
89[5] mandates the commission to take into account other factors such
as geographical features and urban centers, community of
intrest,historical ,economic and cultural ties and means of
communication,we don’t think this things were put into consideration,
“said  Abdirahim  Saman a youth leader who read the statement on their behalf.

They cites foul play by a section of politicians who they said “wanted to create permanent voting blocks for themselves”. “We want to put it clear to those concerned  and
tell them in advance that this is issue is so sensitive and therefore
needs agent intervention before blood is shed as a result, we don’t to
see a situation where people start fighting because of something tat
could have been corrected earlier on,”he added. Hungry residents  of Alango Arba later blocked the busy Garissa –Daadab Road  which
is frequently used by the UN Vehicles heading to the refugee camps,
they demanded they vowed to paralyze transport until their grievances
are addressed.