Monday, Jan 26th 2015

Thika superhighway now a leading killer, say police

Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 00:00 -- BY GEORGE MURAGE

The Thika Superhighway is currently leading in deaths from accidents, according to the latest statistics from the traffic department. According to latest figures, 54 people have been killed on the highway from January, with pedestrians accounting for the bulk of the victims.

Traffic commandant Joseph ole Tito said that in the four months, 40 pedestrians have been killed on the highway, which is still under construction. He said others who died on the road included seven passengers, five drivers, one motorcyclist and one pillion passenger. “We are concerned over the high number of deaths on the superhighway but our investigations have revealed that ignorance of traffic rules is the main cause,” said Tito.

Tito at the same time said the department last year collected Sh1.2 billion through various fines meted out on traffic offenders. “When I joined the department in 2009, it was collecting Sh700 million but the figure has nearly doubled and we have the capability of collecting Sh5 billion through fines,”he said. The police boss was speaking during a media sensitization workshop on road safety in Fisheagle hotel Naivasha.