Sunday, Jan 25th 2015

Lawyer endorsed for Isiolo governor seat

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 - 00:00 -- BY HUSSEIN SALESA

A lawyer has been endorsed to run for Isiolo county governor by a section of the community in Isiolo. Godana Doyo was endorsed at Isiolo police mess by hundreds of supporters. He received a warm welcome from hundreds of the supporters who turned up as the convoy of the vehicles made its way to the venue. Doyo was picked as the community's flag bearer five months ago after four other candidates stepped down in a nomination exercise at Kinna in Garba-Tulla district.

Others who have shown interest in the position are Isiolo South MP Abdul Bahari Ali, Friends of Nomads coordinator Yussuf Dogo and a bussinessman Domiciano Mainge During the occassion, Doyo and Isiolo county women representative aspirant Rahma Dida faulted the new formula used by Commission on Revenue Allocation to share national revenue.

Doyo said the new formula is unacceptable and out to marginalise the less developed regions. "Our regions have been marginalised for years and the commission has started marginalising us further even after the promulgation of the new constitution," Rahma said. They said the new formula used by the commission to allocate revenue is against the idea of a devolved system of governance where revenue is expected to trickle down to the grass root level.