Tuesday, Jan 27th 2015

Trans Nzoia women’s loans

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 00:00 -- BY NICHOLAS WAMALWA

WOMEN in Trans Nzoia county have been urged to form or join groups to help them share investment ideas to improve their livelihoods. Trans Kenya Women Sacco CEO Martha Ouma said the groups will enable them access loans from the organisation after they are registered.

The groups, Ouma added, will also act as a security when borrowing loans from banks as most rural women do not have dependable sources of income. “Being in groups has multiple advantages such that despite acting as a security, it is easy for our organisation to educate our women on various income generating activities,'' said Ouma.

She said that the Sacco has introduced Cereal Banking which will provide storage and drying services to the farmers at a minimal fee. “We have realised that most farmers incur losses because most of their yields go bad due to poor storage and improper drying of cereals hence this will offer advantage to the farmers,'' said Ouma.

She said, her Sacco helps the members repay loans through their own farm produce which they can sell on behalf of the member after noble agreement between the two parties.

She however announced that more stores will be constructed across the county to add up to the already established at Kachibora, Endebess and Big Tree to enhance the service. She advised more women to join the Sacco which has earmarked to establish branches to other parts of the Country.

The Sacco that was started last year has over 2500 members and partners with Cooperative Bank and Kenya Women Finance Trust to assist the members get loans and easily make deposits.