Saturday, Jan 31st 2015

Land fraudsters grab Laikipia Sacco plots

Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 00:00 -- BY KINGS WAWERU

MORE than 14,000 shareholders of the Nakuru Mutukanio Farmers Cooperative Society Farm in Olmoran, Laikipia county have lost their parcels of land to fraudsters. Former chairman of Block G4 Amos Kirugu said they bought the land in early 1980s.

He said some unscrupulous directors colluded with officials from the Lands Ministry to illegally register more Sacco members. Kirugu was speaking to the Star in Laikipia town yesterday.

He said the directors, two surveyors and the county land registrar issued title deeds to people who did not possess shares. Kirugu said the officials hurriedly wound up the Sacco in 2010 without consulting the members.

“Unless the government cancels and recalls all the title deeds of the farm, the genuine shareholders stand to lose because there is no land left,” he said. Kisugu said original land registers were altered and new members recruited and issued with title deeds.

“A lands register at Olmoran division office is clear on what has been happening, as it is badly mutilated,” he said. A shareholder, Patrick Wainaina said he never got his title deed.

Last week the county land’s department stopped issuance of title deeds. This followed claims that some officers in the department collude with some directors in land buying companies to sell private plots. Lands executive Virginia Nderitu asked the land registrar to probe the scam.