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Turkana MPs want Governor Nanok probed

Monday, November 11, 2013 - 00:00 -- BY NICHOLAS WAMALWA
UNDER SIEGE: Turkana Governor Josephat Nanok on November 19, 2012
UNDER SIEGE: Turkana Governor Josephat Nanok on November 19, 2012

MPs from Turkana county want President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto to send a probe team to Turkana to investigate Governor Josephat Nanok over alleged misuse of public funds. The governor has however denied any wrongdoing.

Christopher Nakuleu (Turkana North), James Lomenen (Turkana South), and Protus Akuja (Loima) publicly made the allegations during a fundraising ceremony at Loima Girls Secondary school in Loima Sub county yesterday. Nakuleu accused Nanok of sidelining MPs in county affairs.

He said by distancing members, he may be making the governor to misuse tax payers’ funds. Nakuleu said Sh1.2 billion in the county account is being spent on trips and allowances, which has stalled development.

The MPs said hunger has struck most parts of the county including Lokiriama, Lotikipi, Loima, Lokitaung, and Lokichoggio but the governor is holding onto emergency relief money meant to salvage the situation. Akuja said mitigation measures needs to be adopted immediately and no one should politicise the situation.

During Mashujaa Day celebration, Nanok alerted residents of negative propaganda being spread that he received and misused Sh78 million emergency relief funds.In a rejoinder, Nanok denied involving himself in any corruption. 

He said the legislators have failed to differentiate between county government roles and those of national government.“Central government is still responsible for disaster management. This function though shared as per the constitution was not transferred to counties by the Transition Authority. Besides, the strategic grain reserve and monies for relief are being held by national government.

They should instead consult with the jubilee government on relief funds,” Nanok said. He has described allegations as slanderous and empty politicking aimed at making them gain cheap publicity.

 “We will deal administratively and legally deal with allegations of theft if the MPs prove their allegations,” Nanok said.

 Nakuleu wants members of county assembly, MPs and senators to be conversant with duties of the governor so that they don’t keep quiet when rights of the residents are compromised.
Nakuleu and Lomenen said they have evidence to prove the allegations and called upon Uhuru and Ruto to ensure the office of the governor is probed.

Women's representative Joyce Emanikor urged the county assembly to play its oversight role and ensure the executive performs its duties as enshrined in the constitution.

She asked the leader of minority in the assembly Jeremiah Lomorukai to raise alarm of any misappropriations and not to be silenced by allowances.

The legislators applauded assembly Speaker Geoffrey Kaituko, who was present at the function, for raising an alarm when he realised the budget that had been approved by the assembly was altered before it was forwarded to the Controller of Budget.

MPs Daniel Nanok (Turkana West) and John Lodepe (Turkana Central) urged all Turkana leaders to work together for the interest of the residents.

They insisted the area will only develop if all leaders consult each other and respect public funds.