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Israeli commandos join Westgate rescue

Monday, September 23, 2013 - 00:00 -- BY STAR REPORTER
Israeli commandos join Westgate rescue
Israeli commandos join Westgate rescue

Elite Israeli anti-terror commandos were last night on their way to free hostages at the Westgate shopping Mall. The AFP reported that special forces have joined the fighting at the luxury mall in the Kenyan capital.

“The Israelis have just entered the shopping centre and they are rescuing the hostages and the injured,”a source told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Reuters confirmed the Israeli’s involvement, quoting a security source saying Israeli advisers are helping with ‘negotiating strategy’ to end the siege. In Israel, Foreign ministry spokesperson Paul Hirschson refused to confirm or deny that its forces were involved.

“We don’t make a habit of commenting on security co-operation of any kind that there may or may not be,” he told AFP. The Westgate Shopping Mall is owned by an Israeli company. The attack by the ginsugents believed to be numbering 20 began before mid-day on Saturday.

Witnesses said they opened fire with AK-47 riflles and a several grenades. By last evening, 68 people were killed among them three Britons. Hundreds were injured as the gunmen reportedly asked members of a religious group to move out. Last evening, an many hostages were still in the mall.