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Bungoma hospital bans mobile phones in wards

Thursday, September 5, 2013 - 00:00 -- BY JOHN NALIANYA

Bungoman District Hospital has banned the use of mobile phones in the wards.

This follows a local television report in which nurses were filmed beating a pregnant mother who was delivering on the floor of the the hospital's maternity ward.

Mothers who spoke to the Star said the hospital administrator Catherine Makokha had visited the maternity wards and confiscated all mobile phones.

“They are treating us like we are in a prison by confiscating our phones accusing us of taking photos and sending to the media houses," one mother said.

The hospital administration suspected that the footage in the television news report was been taken using her mobile phones.

Makokha said banning use of mobile phones in the wards is an administrative decision.

She offered no further explanation.

Meanwhile Lobby groups in Bungoma have petitioned the Ministry of Health to fire the nurses that were yesterday shown on national television beating up a pregnant women who was in labour pain at the Bungoma district hospital.

Speaking to the press outside the hospital Jukwaa la Katiba director Philip Wanyonyi said cruelty to patients at the facility was rampant.

“That was just one case that was accidentally caught by the television cameras but the truth of the matter that is the norm at the facility,” said Wanyonyi.

He said the facility was full of medics who had overstayed at the institution and operate with impunity.

He said the staff at the facility most of whom work as part time nurse at private institutions only observe ethics while they are serving private institutions.

He called cabinet secretary in charge of health to move with speed and do major reshuffle at the facility while at the same time sacking those involved in the ugly incident.

Earlier there was drama at the facility when the administration of the hospital instructed security guards to beat up journalists who had gone to follow up the story.

Guards from the admiral group snatched a camera from a TV journalist who was taking shots but his colleagues were swift to come in and help him.

“Tume ambia mtoe hapa hiyo ujinga yenyu hapa,kwani hamuna kazi ya kufanya,”said one of the guards
(Take your stupdity
elsewhere. Don’t you have
work to do?” The guard