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Saturday, June 1, 2013 - 00:00 -- BY GIDEON KETER AND DOMINIC WABALA

THE former GSU officer at the centre of the acrimonious divorce between former minister Raphael Tuju and his estranged wife has been arrested in a dramatic night swoop.

Tony Ogunda was arrested on Thursday night after Tuju called the police to his Upper Hill home to report he had found his wife's lover at 9pm standing by a window in the compound.

Yesterday at Kilimani Police Station, Ogunda claimed that Tuju ordered bodyguards to beat him during the confrotnatiopn.

Ogunda and Tuju’s wife Ruth Wanjare claimed he came home with bodyguards, forced their way into the house and assaulted both of them.

Ogunda told reporters that Ruth had invited him home after he had arrived back from Nakuru. He claimed that one of Tuju's bodyguards held a gun to his head while the former minister punched and kicked him.

However Tuju dismissed the claims of assault as desperate lies.

Ogunda is Tuju's former driver from his days as Information minister between 2003-2007 in the Kibaki Cabinet.

Tuju said they arrested Ogunda and called the police because the night visit breached a court order barring him from setting foot in any of Tuju's homes in Karen, Upper Hill, Bondo or his business premises. Tuju's pilot son Mano, 26, lives in the Upper Hill home.

“I did not assault the man who trespassed into my house. He cooperated then I called in the police to arrest him. As you may be aware ,we already have a divorce case with my wife pending in court and there is an order restraining him from coming to my home or any of my premises,” Tuju said.

“To put the record straight, I did not assault him, all that he has said are all false claims,” he said

“If I was any other man who does not respect the law ,I am sure I would have done something which the law prohibits but I decided to call the police to do their work,” he said.

Ogunda told the police that he went to the house in the hope of persuading Tuju to lift the orders, but Tuju told reporters he had no appointment with Ogunda and was not interested in engaging him in talks.

“I took photographs of him within my premise, which I will use as evidence in court,” he said.

Ogunda insisted he was assaulted by the former minister and his bodyguards.

“Yesterday I was from Nakuru and went to Mrs Tuju’s house. I do not know if it was a trap because it was not even five minutes after I arrived that he broke in the door and windows, came in with his security, and started harassing and beating us up,” he claimed.

“He (Tuju) was the main character while one of his guards was holding a gun to me,” he said.=

“It was not trespassing because I was invited, that is not trespass – I was invited by Mrs Tuju,” he said.

Tuju has filed a divorce case against his wife whom he accuses of infidelity.

In his sworn affidavit, he said that he can no longer live with his wife Ruth Akinyi Wanjare since she has been openly cheating on him with the former GSU officer.

Tuju and Ruth married on November 15, 1986 and have three children.

In his divorce petition, Tuju claimed that Ruth brought Tony to his home in Karen and rented him an apartment in Ngong

"Sometime in the year 2011 I learnt that my wife was adulterous and had become very abusive and disrespectful to an extent of playing her adulterous life even at the knowledge of my children and workers.

While I was away from home attending official and business duties, wherein I am mostly required to be out of the country or when I am away in politics, I learnt that my wife had a partner boyfriend who she used to commit adultery with," said Tuju in his court documents filed by Laichena Mugambi & Company Advocates.

“I can confirm that we received a complaint from Honourable Raphael Tuju that yesterday, at about 9 pm, a man who has a restraining order not to enter the home had trespassed. We sent officers to the residence and indeed found the suspect who was arrested and is now being held in custody as we conduct investigations. He will be arraigned in court as soon as the investigations are complete,”said Kilimani police boss Bernard Muli.

Ogunda was yesterday charged at the Kibera courts with trespass and released on a Sh500 bond.