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Petty thieves on the loose in Mombasa

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 00:00 -- BY CHARLES MGHENYI

MOTORISTS in Mombasa town have raised an alarm over the increased incidents of car side mirrors and indicators theft in the central business district.

The latest incident on Wednesday evening where two men were beaten up by a mob for allegedly stealing side mirror and jewelery from people, is a good example.

Peter Shambi, a motorist and a project officer at Muslim for human rights, said he has fallen victim of practise.

“I have been forced to change my mirrors more than three times. This has cost me more than Sh20,000 in one year,” he said.

Shambi said the county askaris and police on patrol in the CBD are not up to the task.

The county officials in charge of parking space have been accused of not keeping vigil while at work, giving the street dwellers ample time to vandalise cars.

Second hand spare part dealers have also been accused of providing a ready market for these youths.

“I urge the relevant authorities to do a crack down all all shops which sell reconditioned spare parts and demand to know their source,” Shambi said.

Many commuters interviewed by the Star, said the business has become rampant in Mombasa due to readily available market of these spare parts.

“They steal car mirrors, sell them at cheaper prices and we have to pay over Sh6,000 to replace them from the same reconditioned spare part dealers,” said one commuter.

Major Mombasa car parks' have become insecure due the increased incidents with an average of one incident reported daily.

The council officials have been trying to put sanity on the streets by arresting street boys and idlers, and charging them in court after it emerged that they are in most cases, the culprits.