Friday, Jan 30th 2015

Late Senator Mutula Kilonzo laid to rest

Thursday, May 9, 2013 - 00:00 -- BY LYDIA MATATA

Mutula Kilonzo was a man of integrity and a man who was truly dedicated to the nation, President Uhuru Kenyatta has said. Speaking today at the late Makueni Senator’s funeral service at Kima Secondary school in Makueni. President Kenyatta said Mutula was a patriot and not a person to be driven by partisan interests but the national good.

The President said Mutula was a reminder that the national good was bigger than any individual and party politics. He said the late Senator will continue to live on through his children and grandchildren. The President pledged to look at the issue of constructing a road network in Ukambani and continuing the other projects that Mutula had planned to fulfill before his demise.

He said that this is the time to put aside politics and focus on building the country and ameliorating the welfare of the Kenyan people stating that it is wrong to focus on “how we are going to get more money in our pockets,” rather than serve the people.

The late Makueni’s Senator’s burial was also attended by former President Mwai Kibaki, former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and former Primer Minister Raila Odinga as well as other dignitaries.

Former President Kibaki said what Mutula has done is what will live forever stating that “whoever will remember him will have to quote him."

He appealed to Kenyans not to think about serving their families but to serve the entire country adding that Kenyans should remember how Mutula treated each and everyone and to do what he would have done in each of the circumstances.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga said Mutula did a lot of important work as Minister for Nairobi Metropolitan Development in drawing up plans for Nairobi. He said Mutula planned to harvest rains in Ukumbani and also tarmac roads in the area.

Kilonzo Musyoka, the former Vice President said Mutula was the foremost legal mind in the country and the best performing Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs. He added that with the new Cabinet drawn up by President Kenyatta Mutula may have been the last Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

He said the Ministry must be given priority and prominence to ensure the 47 counties can stand strong and fight poverty. Speaker of the Senator Ekwe Ethuro likened the late Senator to the wiseman in the Bible who built his house on rocks. He said Mutula’s death has robbed the senate of that rock.

Attorney General Githu Muigai who was also present at the funeral said the Senator was a great defender of the law and a great defender of the constitution. He said Mutula was a statesman not because of his status as a politician but because he loved the country.

Mutula Kilonzo who belonged to the Wiper Democratic Party was elected Senator for Makueni in the March 4 general elections also served as the Minister of Education in the Ninth Parliament. He previously served as the Minister for Nairobi and the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

Mutula who is to be layed to rest at his Mbooni home was found dead in his Maanzoni home on Saturday. Mutula was found dead at his Maanzoni Ranch on Saturday, April 27.