Monday, Jan 26th 2015

Gatundu 120 police officers net 4,000 litres of brew in Uhuru's turf

Monday, May 6, 2013 - 00:00 -- BY NG'ANG'A THAIRU

A group of of regular and AP officers destroyed more than 4,000 litres of kangara and 60 litres of chang’aa at the weekend. They netted confiscated two motorcycles, 20 drums, more than 50 jerry cans and distillery equipment and arrested five people at the notorious Wamuguthuko chang’aa breweries in Kahuguini Gatundu district. The raid was carried out by more than 120 officers.

Gatundu deputy police boss Perminus Kioi and Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of operations Ephantus Kiura led more than 120 officers from Kiambu and Muranga to carry out the raid. 

Addressing the press at Gatundu police station, Kiura said another 82 people were arrested during the raid. The aim of the raid was to hunt people about to commit a felony.

Kiura said those arrested will be profiled and suspects taken to court today. The police boss congratulated the officers for the successful raid saying it will go a long way in stamping out crime and the brewing and consumption of the illicit brews.

However, wananchi blamed the police for the brewing of illegal brews. They accused the police and some chiefs of abetting the brewers. “The raids are just a side show. If indeed the police are serious about stamping out the vice, why is it taking senior officers from Nyeri to conduct the raids while we have officers on the ground?” said John Kamau, a Wamuguthuko resident.

He pointed out that a raid conducted a week ago was led by the DC and called for an overhaul of the police department in the district.   “We have lost faith in the police force. It is the AP officers working under the DC who are actually are doing their job,” said another resident.