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Poll results were "massaged" - Africog

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 00:00 -- BY STAR REPORTER
Supreme court of Kenya. Photo/Monicah Mwangi
Supreme court of Kenya. Photo/Monicah Mwangi

The African Centre for Open Governance, one of the petitioners challenging the outcome of the March 4 polls have through their counsel Kethi Kilonzo has urged the Supreme Court to nullify the presidential results saying the tallying process was questionable.

Africog filed the petition challenging the validity of the election outcome in which Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the winner over Cord’s Raila Odinga. Kilonzo in her submission termed the results as “massaged” arguing that the discrepancies of differing results at the constituency tallying centre and the national tallying centre, rendered the results invalid.

“An election that meets such irregularities does not pass the test of validity,” Kilonzo said. To strengthen the allegation, Kilonzo played before the court footage that allegedly showed an IEBC clerk in Nyeri reading results from a mobile phone that were different from the one that was eventually read at Bomas, the national tallying centre.

She argued that while this was only one constituency and the discrepancy marginal, a series of small alterations throughout the country would make the results unreliable. “Though discrepancies may be few in the constituencies, when multiplied by 290 they are significant,” she said.

Kilonzo faulted the IEBC’s systems of relaying results arguing that the manual tally as opposed to the earlier announced electronic tally is to blame for doubt of the validity of the outcome. “If these results were transmitted electronically, and differences noted, people would demand for answers,” Kilonzo said.

Following the proposed break by council George Oraro for the Coard coalition, the court will upon resumption hear Oraro’s submission that seeks to have the Supreme Court nullify the IEBC results and call for a fresh presidential election.