Sunday, Mar 01st 2015

Kibaki to meet presidential hopefuls

Friday, March 1, 2013 - 00:00 -- BY STAR REPORTER

President Kibaki's meeting with all eight presidential candidates ahead of Monday's elections will take place after they all synchronize their diaries, the head of the Presidential Press Service Isaya Kabira said yesterday.

Kibaki had on Wednesday invited the presidential candidates to share 'a cup of tea' with him at State House Nairobi at 10 am yesterday.

However, yesterday, the President's office called each of the candidates informing them that the meeting would not take place as planned.

"The proposal to have tea with the president still stands and all the candidates and the president will synchronies their dairies to ensure that the meeting happens," said Kabira.

Though the invitation letter did not give details of what exactly was to be discussed, sources said Kibaki had planned to tell the candidates that he will hand over power to whomever wins Monday's poll.