Friday, Feb 27th 2015

IEBC's saboti Presiding and DPO's on training send home.

Friday, February 22, 2013 - 00:00 -- BY NICHOLAS WAMALWA

More than 50 presiding and deputy presiding officers who were on started training in Kitale have been dismissed

The officers from Saboti constituency had just started the training when  the returning officer asked them to leave.

Speaking to the press in Kitale today, the officers, led by Stephen Karanja, said it was unfair for IEBC to stop them because they were appointed because they are qualified.

They accused the returning officer of discrimination.

“We were just told those who got invitation at night should not continue with the training. We wonder why this has happened yet we have the same qualifications with those continuing with the training”  Karanja.

He said some of them had travelled from Nairobi after receiving SMs for invitation for the training on Tuesday night.

Karanja said they were told the order was from Eldoret regional offices.

When the star contacted Saboti returning officer Farah Mohammed, he said the officers were out of the budget.

He said only one presiding officer and another one DPO will man one polling station.

In the past a presiding officer and a deputy were in charge of a stream during elections.

All other PO and their deputies from Kiminini, Saboti, Cherangany, Kwanza and Endebess are undergoing training at the Kitale show ground.