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Protests in Garissa over rising insecurity

Friday, January 18, 2013 - 00:00 -- BY LYDIA MATATA
Refugees at Dadaab refugee camp photo file.
Refugees at Dadaab refugee camp photo file.

Residents of Garissa county have taken to the streets to protest rising insecurity in the area. Transport has been paralysed in the area as protesters demand to speak with the County Commissioner Mohamed Maalim over the recent spate of violence that has hit the area.

The protests comes after five people were killed on Wednesday night, by unknown gunmen who opened fire on them at Patrons in Dunes Hotel in Garissa town. A senior Garissa prison official was also killed in the incident.

In a separate incident two people were killed at 2am yesterday. The two died as they lobbed explosive devices at a road near Hagadera refugee camp, Dadaab district, in Garissa. The incident took place between the Hagadera market and the refugee camp.

Garissa county commissioner Mohamed Maalim said that a pistol with seven bullets was recovered at the scene. It is believed the two were targeting police and UN vehicles that use the road.