Wednesday, Jan 28th 2015

Man held over rape, murder of girl aged 4

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 00:00 -- BRIAN OTIENO AND CALVIN ONSARIGO

Police in Mombasa are holding a middle-aged man suspected of rape and murder of a four-year-old girl at a restaurant  where he worked.The girl’s parents reported her missing at various police stations in Mombasa on Sunday at around 6pm.

According to a security guard, Jackson Mkula, the girl, who used to play around the house next to ACK Church along Nkrumah road, had not come out of the house the whole day on Sunday.

He said two men, including the suspect, entered the restaurant in the evening after the restaurant had closed for the day.

“It seems she had come out after her parents left the house at around 6pm to go to the mosque. I was handing over to my night shift colleague when I saw them enter the restaurant in the evening,” said Mkula, who works with Excellent Security Services.

The girl’s uncle Abdullahi Abdibrahim said the four-year-old girl was a KG 3 pupil at Serani Nursery School. “While in the process of searching for her, we heard some tables and chairs moving in the restaurant. We suspected the child might have been in there,” said Abdullahi.

The two suspects then took off through the back doors prompting neighbours who saw them running to raise alarm. The suspect is said to have lived and worked in the area for more than ten years and worked at the restaurant as a cook.