Why Majimbo dressed cheaply to major event

Do not spend money just because you have it, she said

In Summary

• Elsa wore a long black dress that left her stomach bare

Internet sensation Elsa Majimbo
Internet sensation Elsa Majimbo

Comedian Elsa Majimbo was recently criticised for meeting top stars during her recent Ebony Magazine gala wearing a cheap dress.

Elsa wore a long black dress that left her stomach bare.

Through her TikTok, Elsa said she wore the dress since it was affordable for the night.

"I wore this dress the other day for a gala, and I got questions from the magazine," she said.

"I was asked whose design were you wearing, that dress was $18 (Sh2,000), and I wore it because it was cheap and cute. I feel like, for one night, it is absolutely insane to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a dress."

The high-earning content creator warned her followers against spending their money carelessly.

"Do not spend money just because you have it. I think no one should prove anything to anyone," she said.

She said she spends her money in other important ways. "I choose to be cheap and I like it because I make money and I keep my money," she said.

Elsa shot to fame with her viral videos, catching the attention of global tastemakers like Rihanna, who went on to cast her as a model for the Fenty make-up line.

In July, she bought a house in Los Angeles, US, as a 21st birthday present to herself.

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