Njugush ventures into the clothes business

He channelled age-old hobby for a timeless fashion

In Summary

• Njugush has started a clothesline called 'Be Knit'

Comedian Njugush his wife Celestine and their son Tugi
Comedian Njugush his wife Celestine and their son Tugi
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Comedian Timothy Kimani, alias Njugush, has started a clothesline called 'Be Knit'.

Speaking to Word Is, the father of one said the family teamed up with a local textile brand.

They have brought up their sense of style with a wide variety of looks catering to women, men and children of all shapes and sizes.

"We were looking to doing something different from what we do. So we thought of venturing into merchandise," he said.

Speaking about the idea, Njugush said unlike the current generation, growing up knitting was the main hobby for most people.

"Nowadays, there is social media, but a long time ago, our mums used to make a variety of clothes for us through knitting."

Njugush said they also considered doing something that could be worn today and tomorrow and does not go out of fashion.

"A brand that even without pushing it, we can still get market. We also considered quality coz it is what will keep customers coming to us," he said.

Njugush said he came up with the brand name.

"We have family clothes that can be worn during all weather. The designs come in a wide variety of colours from black, white, blue, red as well as mustard yellow."

The comedian made the announcement on social media with a social media short video clip showcasing a collection of knitted sweaters and shirts.