Kansiime dated men who were insecure

They feared she was cheating as he called her every day

In Summary

• Some of her exes were unnerved by her closeness to her 'boy lollipop' dad

Anne Kansiime
Anne Kansiime
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Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime says she dated men who were insecure due to her close relationship with her dad.

Celebrating her father during Father’s Day, she said some of her exes thought she was cheating on them.

"I would like to think I am not the only girl accused of loving their father more than their mum growing up. I call my father my boy lollipop," she said.

"I have always done that since I owned my first phone 17 years ago, something that cost me a few redundant relationships growing up with sons of women assuming I was cheating on them whenever my dad would give me his daily routine evening calls to check on me."

She added, "You have been my love since time in malaria and that love has only grown Musigazi. I love you dad and continue to count my blessings."