Harmonize hints at marrying new girlfriend

He shared a list of MCs he would love to conduct his wedding

In Summary

• Singer and Kajala traded love posts on social media 

Harmonize and Kajala
Harmonize and Kajala
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Harmonize has hinted at plans to marry his new girlfriend, actress Frida Kajala. The singer shared a list of the MCs he would love to conduct his wedding.

He later took to social media to shower her with praises.

“Life time partner. Have you ever been making love with someone but your feelings are with someone else? That's what I will feel if you ever leave me.”

Frida then shared a photo of the singer and wrote, “You'll never be right for the wrong person. I love you till the sun barks.”

Harmonize is, however, still legally married to his Italian wife Sarah Michelotti, who filed for a divorce in December. She revealed that the singer was cheating on her with the actress.