Sailors, Rachel in YouTube dispute

They say she denied them access to their YouTube account, demanded Sh1m

In Summary

• They have opened a new channel after she allegedly locked them out of the old one

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Gengetone stars Sailors have opened a new YouTube channel after their former manager Mwalimu Rachel denied them access to their previous account.

Mwalimu Rachel was their manager for over two years and has all the passwords to their social media platforms, including YouTube.

They say she demanded over Sh1 million from the group to release the passwords.


In an interview with Word Is, the group said they have tried accessing their YouTube channel but their former manager couldn't give it up.

"We respect her, we've come from far, but we didn't expect this to turn out the way it did," Miracle Baby said.

"We have opened new YouTube channels and we are now signed under Black Market Records. If you book a gig with her (Mwalimu Rachel), you will have been conned)."

The group has released a new single called 'Kulewa Kuchuchuma'. 

Mwalimu Rachel was not immediately available for comment.