Hatred has given rise to inhumanity, says Pallaso

Ugandan singer survived xenophobic attack in South Africa

In Summary

• He was beaten by a crowd in S Africa and has now done a song preaching love

Singer Pallaso
Singer Pallaso
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Jose Chameleon's brother and singer Pallaso says hatred has brought about inhumanity.

This is after the singer was attacked in South Africa two weeks ago, an incident he blamed on xenophobia.

Speaking to journalists in Kenya yesterday at the Main Switch studio, the 'Go down low' hitmaker said he was South Africa to shoot music.


"That particular day in the evening, I went to a store to get food, but while walking on the streets of Turffontein in South Africa, I was approached by a crowd that beat me up because I wasn't one of their own," he said.


He says he was left for dead by the unknown assailants. "I ran to hide at a garage and the guard tried to help me but I couldn't trust him after that incident, so he called the police," he said.

“I thought I was going to die at that university parking, especially when I saw the police car pass by. I have the wounds and scars that I will hold dear to me as a reminder of what I went through in the hands of fellow Africans,” he said.

Wyre was among the artistes who reached out to him.

"At that point, I thought of my two kids and my mother, who has lost our younger brother, and she thought she was also going to lose me," he said.

Pallaso says he has forgiven the people who attacked him and he is now on a journey of spreading love across Africa.

Following the attacks, Pallaso teamed up with Dr Malinga on a new song, 'Africa Show Love'. The single tells the story of how his life changed in Turffontein, South Africa.


The collaboration is a campaign aimed at spreading love, unity and forgiveness among Africans.


The duo is headed to Uganda to promote the song and show that "we are together as one and no hate can bring Africa down".

Pallaso was accompanied by South African artiste Dr Malinga and music executive Thomani Mawarela, who travelled back from South Africa with Pallaso to show their support after the attack and ensure he gets back home safe.

Pallaso's singles include 'Bubble Remix', 'Mukyakale', 'Ekiro Munzika', 'Twatoba' and 'Sanyu Lyange'.